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Notice: We opened our firm on 1st May 2024.

About Nii Law Office

We handle cases relating to maritime, aviation and land transport law on the instructions of domestic and international insurance companies, forwarders, shipping companies, trading companies and others.

We cooperate with legal experts and liaise with surveyors, expert witnesses and other professionals in order to resolve disputes in line with facts and best practices.

Our mission is to offer our clients the best possible legal advice and to help prepare them to prevent disputes, based on our experience and continuous research into national and international law and conventions, court cases and theories.


Our Service


We resolve disputes related to cargo claims (including claims for compensation for cargo and defense), charterparty disputes, marine accidents (including collisions, groundings, fires, sinkings, capsizing) and ship arrests, among others. In these cases, the initial response is often crucial, and we respond quickly at the initial stage. In addition, based on past dispute resolution cases, we support the realization of favorable practices that are less likely to cause disputes in daily operations such as contract conclusion.


We resolve disputes when incidents occur related to air transportation. Aviation law is similar to maritime law, but there are many differences, and specialized practical and legal knowledge is required. As it is a relatively new field, there are many unresolved issues, but we explore practical solutions to achieve favorable results for our clients.

Multimodal transport (forwarding business)

Today's transportation involves a wide range of operations – a single object or container may transfer from ocean to air to land and could involve customs clearance, movement in port, vanning and warehousing. Because these operations can cross borders and involve many stakeholders, the legal risks are extremely complex. In addition to responding to problems such as cargo damage and cargo refusal, we also provide advice to shippers and forwarders on risk control in their daily operations.

International Sales

In international transactions conducted by trading companies and manufacturers, there are many risks in sales contracts that must be considered for each product and region. In addition to considering such issues in sales contracts, it is extremely important to also consider the risks in the transportation of the product (charterparty and bill of lading) and the optimal arrangement of cargo insurance. We provide advice from a multifaceted perspective that considers each contract of sale, transportation, and insurance.

Coastal facilities (including ports, terminals, quays and fishing facilities)

Coastal facilities can be damaged in a variety of ways such as ship collisions, oil spills or fires. When such incidents occur, the initial response at the time, including the protection of rights, is extremely important. In addition, unique legal systems such as the Shipowners' Liability Limitation Act and the Port and Harbor Act are intricately related. Taking into account various systems, we will respond to achieve damage recovery for coastal facility owners.


When an incident occurs, it is necessary to take into consideration insurance when responding to the accident. Insurance legal systems can vary between countries, therefore based on past incident responses, we determine where the legal risks in transportation lie, and then provide advice to insurance companies, brokers, and policyholders on optimal insurance arrangements.


Attorney Introduction

Toshihiro Nii

Toshihiro is the Founder of Nii Law Office. A specialist in Transportation law he graduated from the University of Tokyo (Faculty of Law) in 2012. He went on to further his studies, graduating from Graduate School of Law and Politics at the University of Tokyo (Legal Training and Research) in 2015 before completing his training at the Legal Training and Research Institute and registering as a lawyer in 2017.

Joining Okabe & Yamaguchi in 2018 he has built up a reputation as being a specialist having handled national and international litigation cases. These include cases related to fires involving ships and warehouses, disputes under charterparty, collisions, sinkings and cargo disputes.

Toshihiro is a member of many prestigious organisations including the Tokyo Bar Association, Japan Marine Procedure Commission Agent Association, The Maritime Law Association of Japan and The Air Law Institute of Japan.




TEL : +81-50-8889-3551

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